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Brobst Violin Shop offers several models of violin, viola, cello and bass for the aspiring player.  Each instrument is carefully crafted from seasoned maple and spruce, hand varnished, and meticulously shop-adjusted to ensure ease in tuning and comfort of fingering.  Because each players needs are different, we offer instruments from a variety of makers to satisfy each and every customer.

Giuseppi Renaldi
Violin - Giuseppi Renaldi, 1/4 to 4/4 sizes
Viola - Giuseppi Renaldi, 15' to 16 1/2' sizes
Cello - Giuseppi Renaldi
Bass - Giuseppi Renaldi
Violin Bow - Diamond GX, Model #DGA4
Violin Bow - Diamond NX, Model #DNA4
Violin Bow - Diamond SX, Model #DSA4
Violin Bow - Luma, Model #SLA4
Violin Bow - Prodigy, Model #SPA4
Contemporary Italian Violins
17 Instruments found
Vintage Violins
8 Instruments found
New-made Violins
Violin - Johann Albrecht, Bavaria 2007
Violin - Clement & Weise, Bubenreuth 2006, Model 120
Violin - Hoyer Werkstatt, Bubenreuth 2009
New-made Violas
Viola - Clement & Weise, Bubenreuth 2006, Model 220
New-made Cellos
Cello - Clement & Weise, Bubenreuth 2006, Model 320
Violin Bows
Violin Bow - Violin Bow, Brazilwood-Pernambuco-Carbon Fiber

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