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Stefano Conia, Cremona 1981, NEW LISTING !!
Roberto Collini, Crema 2006, * S O L D *
Johannes Theodorus Cuypers, The Hague 1792
George Craske, Manchester c. 1860,
Alfredo Contino, Naples c. 1920, SOLD!!
Oreste Candi, Genoa 1930
Alfred Contino, Naples 1944
Giuseppe Castagnino, Chiavari 1932
Raffaele Calace, Naples 1919
Camillo Colombo, Milan 1947, SOLD !!
Genuzio Carletti/Joseph Settin, Bologna 1967
Charles J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris 1892
George Craske, Manchester 1849,
Virgilio Capellini, Cremona 1982, 7/8 size
Giustino dal Canto, Pisa 1946
Assunto Carloni, Forli 1994
Stefano Conia, Jr., Cremona 2001, * S O L D *
William Carter, London 1928
Charles J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris 1946
Eric Caldwell, Washington, D.C. 2012
Giovanni Batista Ceruti, Cremona 1812, * S O L D *
Alfredo Contino, Naples 1905, * S O L D *
F.W. Chanot, London c. 1890, * S O L D *
Alfredo Contino, Naples 1915, * S O L D *
George A. Chanot, Manchester 1897, * S O L D *
Aristide Cavalli, Cremona 1923, * S O L D *
Chipot-Vuillaume, Paris 1894, * S O L D *

Violin Bows
John Clutterbuck, Gold/Ebony
Eugene Cuniot-Hury, Silver/Ebony * S O L D *

Carlo & Natale Carletti, Pieve di Cento c. 1920, 16"
Antonio Capela, Cremona 1968, 16 * S O L D *
Natale Carletti, Bologna 1969, viola d amore
Eric Caldwell, Washington, DC 2011, (3 sizes) NEW LISTING!!
Sergio Cavelli, Cremona 1982, 16-3/16 * S O L D *

Viola Bows
John Clutterbuck, Silver/Ebony * S O L D *
Leomar Cirilo, Silver/Ebony

Caressa & Francais, Paris 1909
Jonathan Cooper, Maine 2000
Raphael Le Cointe, Cremona 2004
Charles J.B. Collin-Mezin, Jr., Paris 1949
Eric Caldwell, Washington, DC 2012, SOLD !!
Virgilio Capellini, Cremona 1982, * S O L D *
Alvaro Corrochano, Milan 2002, * S O L D *
Caressa & Francais school, Paris 1920, * S O L D *

Cello Bows
Donald Cohen, Silver/Ebony * S O L D *
John Clutterbuck, Gold/Ebony
H. Cirilo, Gold/Ebony
Carbow (French carbon fiber), Silver/Ebony

Contemporary Eastern European Bass, Pavolny

Bass Bows
Carbow, carbon fibre with Nickel Silver/Ebony (German styl


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