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Viola Bows

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Bernard Ouchard, Silver/Ivory * S O L D *
C. Hans-Karl Schmidt, Engraved Silver/Ebony NEW LISTING!!
Eugene Sartory, Silver/Ebony NEW LISTING!!
Emile August & Emile Francois Ouchard, Silver/Ebony
W.E. Hill & Sons, Silver/Ebony * S O L D *
Hill & Son, Silver & Ebony * S O L D *
Victor Fetique, Silver/Ebony * S O L D *
Louis Gillet, Silver/Ebony
J.F. Daber*, Silver/Ebony
Thomas Jacques Holder, Silver/Ebony
Paul Martin Siefried, Silver/Ebony
Louis Morizot, Silver/Ebony
Martin O. Beilke, Silver/Ebony
J.F. Daber, Silver/Ebony
Siegfried Finkel, Silver/Ebony
Nicolas Delaune*, Silver/Ebony
Nicolas Delaune, Silver/Ebony
J.S. Finkel, Silver/Ebony
Francois Vincent*, Silver/Ebony
Francois Vincent, Silver/Ebony
Marcel LaPierre, Silver/Ebony NEW LISTING!!
John Clutterbuck, Silver/Ebony * S O L D *
Rembert Wurlitzer (Swiss), Silver/Ebony
Gotthard Schuster, Silver/Ebony
Roger Zabinski, Silver/Ebony
Pierre Guillaume, Silver/Ebony
Grunke & Sohne, Silver/Ebony
Jose Siqueira Valdecir, Silver/Ebony
Leomar Cirilo, Silver/Ebony


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