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Instrument Rental/Purchase Plan

(Available only in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area)


Only  a Deposit and One Month's Rent Are Required to Get Started:

To rent an instrument you must present a valid VISA, MasterCard or Discover card in your name, otherwise credit approval is required (it usually takes 24 hours, one business day, for approval).  Cash, check, VISA, MasterCard or Discover card are accepted for payment.

All Payments Apply Toward the Purchase Price:

You may continue making payments until the outfit is paid for in full in which case a 1.0% interest charge per month will be added to the declining balance beginning with the 7th month.  If you return the outfit, no interest will have been charged.

You May Trade for a Larger Size or More Expensive Instrument at Any Time.

When trading for a larger-sized instrument, full trade-in allowance is given within the first six months.  After six months, reduced trade-in allowance is given based on the length of time you have had the outfit.   The instrument must be in good condition.  When trading for a more expensive instrument, full credit may be given if the instrument is in good condition.

Return the Instrument at Any Time and Terminate the Contract:

Return the instrument at anytime and terminate the contract with no further obligation to pay.  Deposit will be refunded minus the cost of of any damage (if applicable).  Sorry, we do not re-purchase the instruments.  We do accept instruments for trade on larger, newer or more expensive instruments.



We strive to make certain that every instrument which leaves our shop is perfectly adjusted to meet professional standards.   At no added cost to the customer, we perform the following adjustments on every instrument.

Click on the Image below for a full size view.

Reamer Shaver Plane Bridge Soundpost
Carefully fit ebony pegs. Plane the fingerboard. Hand fit the bridge and soundpost.
Install the proper complement of strings and string adjusters to suit player and teacher.


Rental Rates - 8/1/2015

Violins -  1/16 - 4/4 sizes, used to new

$18.00 to $24.00 per month

Violas -   (1/8 to 1/2 sizes are violins strung as violas), used to new

$18.00 to $21.00 per month

Violas -   13" and 14", used to new

$20.00 to $25.44 per month

Violas -   15", 15 1/2", 16", 16 1/2", used to new

$23.00 to $25.44 per month

Cellos - 1/8 - 4/4 sizes, used to new

$38.00 to $43.58 per month

Basses - 1/4 to 3/4 sizes, used to new

$59.00 to $75.71 per month

Older, lower priced instruments are available in limited quantities.  Please inquire early in the season.  These are first quality instruments in good condition at a savings.



All of our instruments are of first quality, made by leading European and Chinese makers.  They equal or surpass brand names such as Schoetter, Roth, Lewis, Knilling, Glaesel and others, and at a lower price.   They are fitted with ebony pegs, ebony fingerboard, four-adjuster tailpiece, and high quality strings.  The bows are made of Brazilwood or carbon fibre with ebony frog and natural horsehair.  The complete outfit contains instrument, bow, case, and rosin.


Our instruments are fully guaranteed to meet professional and MENC adjustment specifications.  All rental/sales are subject to the final approval of the teacher.  Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.


For an additional monthly fee, we offer protection against loss caused by accidental breakage, vandalism, fire, wind, or flood.  Theft, willful destruction, or mysterious (unexplained) disappearance are not covered.


Our instruments are priced approximately 35% off retail prices for violins, violas and cellos.  This, coupled with top quality fully shop-adjusted instruments backed by our guarantee and the service of our professional staff, ensures your getting the best that is available.


We have been serving the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area for over forty-one years, providing excellent service and high quality products.  We will greet you with a smile and make your visit to our shop a pleasant experience.  For directions and hours please click on Visit Us.  Thank you for choosing Brobst Violin Shop for your stringed instrument needs.


The same convenient rental/purchase plan is also available for several models of Lyon & Healy brand harps.   The Ogden, Troubador and Prelude are available in limited supply, so please act quickly.  Your rent applies toward the purchase price and you may trade in your harp toward a larger model.  (For a concert harp, you must trade directly with Lyon & Healy).  Please phone us for further inquiry.

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