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Brobst Violin Shop, in its 45th year of doing business, offers one of the most extensive collections of instruments and bows available.  All instruments and bows are in stock and available for examination and trial.  Clients who are seriously searching for a quality instrument or bow can make arrangements for examples to be sent to them for home trial.

Members of the Brobst staff recognize the need of the buyer regarding tonal demands, condition and originality.  They draw upon their experience as players and connoisseurs to select instruments with the necessary tonal properties for concert and professional use.   They maintain a repair and restoration department to insure that instruments and bows are properly set up, adjusted and maintained.  Experienced as collectors, Brobst staff members constantly seek to acquire only the finest examples, guaranteeing their originality both through their own certifications and corroborating certifications from other leading experts.

When you contact Brobst Violin Shop, you are greeted pleasantly and professionally.  Descriptions are given of instruments and bows which fit your stated price and tonal requirements.  Arrangements can be made for an instrument or bow to be shipped by FedEx for a trial period in the home.  Or, perhaps a visit to the shop can be arranged, enabling you to compare many instruments and further benefit from the personal contact with a staff member who will recommend and advise.   Our acoustically engineered sound room enables you to try instruments and bows in private.

Gerald Brobst is president and director of Brobst Violin Shop.  He is a violinist, collector and connoisseur, as well as a violin maker with an output of twenty instruments.  David Brobst is a violin maker and restorer, collector and connoisseur, with background as an artist, holding a degree of Master of Fine Arts.  Sharon Brobst Barnum is a violinist, bow maker/restorer, and connoisseur with a degree in musical performance.  Graydon Barnum is a musician holding a degree in music industry, a connoisseur of musical instruments, and manager of business affairs.   Emily Brobst is manager of the string music department and a former string teacher.

In addition to their fine instrument department, Brobst offers a wide range of strings and accessories as well as an extensive inventory of string music (7000+ titles), available at their store or through phone and mail ordering.   They further offer harps by Lyon & Healy for sale or rental toward purchase.

In the Washington, DC, Metro area, Brobst has long been successful at operating a student instrument rental program which offers high quality European instruments and bows (Brazilwood bows are standard components).  See (Rental/Purchase Plan).  All payments apply toward the purchase price of the outfit. Several grades of instrument upgrade instrument outfits are available for advancing students with full-value trade-in allowances as standard policy.   New instruments under the labels of "Johann Albrecht", "Sofia Amadeus", "Giuseppe Renaldi" and "Lorenzo Renaldi" are very popular.  See (Instruments for the Advancing Player).   A broad selection of turn-of-the-century and early 20th century French, German, American and English instruments is available to choose from.

Brobst Violin Shop's excellent reputation and longevity in the business is a customer's guarantee of a successful and beneficial relationship with their firm.

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